Deposit Fees

Personal Address
We dont charge any fee for deposit in your personal address. you can receive upto 100 Transaction per month on your personal address .
Caution we don't send IPN on your callback url if you use personal address

Business Address
You need to pay 0.5% fees on every transaction that you will receive on your business address. means if you receive 1 BTC on your business address then coinzic will deduct 0.5% = 0.005 BTC

Transfer/Withdrawal Fees

We will charge a flat fee for withdrawal/transfer
your coin charges are listed below

Coin Fee
Bitcoin (btc) 0.00009000 BTC ~ $6.171
Litecoin (ltc) 0.003 LTC ~ $0.196
DogeCoin (doge) 3 DOGE ~ $0.239
DashCoin (dash) 0.00100000 DASH ~ $0.028
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